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Episode 65-Netflix Reviews and DREAMCAST

Pop Pop Culture_Netflix Review and DREAMCAST

We have a huge show this week! Courtenay is here to discuss two Netflix properties for review, first is Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, and the second is season 2 of American Vandal! What movie is Sierra Burgess a spiritual successor to? Is season 2 of American Vandal as captivating as the first? Will Andrew gush on and on about one of the properties? Yes! Which one? You guess!

The two then chat about Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck’s departures from the DCEU and what it means for the future of that franchise. This leads them to this week’s game, DREAMCAST where they get to cast the Justice League with whomever they want from actors from previous comic book movies! Which Daredevil star gets the Super treatment? Which voice actor from Teen Titans Go! To The Movies gets to be the big bad? Which actor with a super minor role in the Dark Knight trilogy gets to be Green Arrow? Find out this week!

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