Pop Culture Podcast

Episode 63-GAFFED: Batman and Robin

Pop Pop Culture_GAFFED Batman and Robin

This week kicks off Month of Games for Pop Pop Culture! We start this week with the new game GAFFED, the Grand American Film, Fun, and Entertainment Debate. Shannon from Pop Culture Footnotes comes on to defend the 1997 film Batman and Robin, and Andrew is here to tear it down. Who has the better arguments? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! How do the Bat Butts and toy promotions fit into a narrative about Batman? If you believe Andrew, not well.

They also talk news of the week, including Star Wars Episode IX casting and Disneyland attractions, and Alec Baldwin’s sudden disappearance from the Joker film. Come along!

Find Shannon at popculture-footnotes.com and at the following:

Twitter: @pcfootnotes

Facebook: @popculturefootnotes

Gmail: popculturefootnotes@gmail.com

Find us below:

Twitter: @poppopculturepd

Facebook: @poppopculture

Gmail: poppopculturepod@gmail.com

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