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Episode 56-Skyscraper Review and Remake: The Rock Edition

Pop Pop Culture_Skyscraper Review and Remake the Rock Edition

Scott is here to talk all about Skyscraper and if it is any good. Andrew is also there, but he is having quite the crisis over the movie and movies in general due to his experience in the theater. Come for the jokes, stay for the existential crises about how to “correctly” watch films!

The guys also play Remake once again, but this time putting the Rock in the starring role. How is Mamma Mia different with the Rock as a former wrestler? How is the Sound of Music different with the Rock as a former Navy SEAL? How could we possibly have the Rock star in Casablanca? Tune in to find out.

Andrew is going to be live tweeting the Mission: Impossible franchise in the lead up to Mission: Impossible: Fallout (I think that’s how it’s punctuated). Monday night will be MI:2 and Thursday night will be MI:3.

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