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Episode 54-Jurassic Park and Stop Motion with Mike Tharme

Pop Pop Culture_Jurassic Park and Stop Motion with Mike Tharme

This week Andrew is joined by Mike Tharme from 3 Arm Creations to talk the Jurassic Park franchise, CG animation, stop-motion animation, and Ray Harryhausen’s work and influence on films. They also discuss the future of the Jurassic World films and the direction they may take, so spoilers for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

Mike also tells us about the project he is working on to recognize the work of Ray Harryhausen. It sounds like an amazing project, support him as you can!

Andrew is also celebrating the anniversary of this podcast by giving you his recommendations for his favorite episodes! Follow along with us this week for some fun!

Find Mike on Twitter @miketharme, also check out his Etsy shop here. Listeners of the podcast get a 10% discount with offer code PPCP2018 when you spend more than ‎‎£4.

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