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Episode 52-Incredibles 2 Review and Pixar Bracket

Pop Pop Culture_Incredibles 2 Review and Pixar Bracket

This week Cameron joins Andrew to talk all kinds of stuff: Incredibles 2 review (is it good? Yes! How good? Find out!), Dumbo trailers, Star Wars fans, and finally, we reveal our favorite Pixar movies via a fun bracket that we can’t stop complaining about! Which Pixar movies are the worst? Which beloved Pixar movie is Andrew not on board with? And get ready to hear the opinion of the only guy who likes Brave more than Up. All this and more on this week’s episode!

Andrew is live tweeting the remainder of the Jurassic Park movies this week! Join him on Monday for Jurassic World 3 and on Wednesday (probably) for Jurassic World.

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Andrew’s bracket here, Cameron’s bracket here, Scott’s bracket here, Christian’s bracket here.

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