Pop Culture Podcast

Episode 38-A Wrinkle In Time Is ______

Pop Pop Culture_A Wrinkle in Time Is ____

Losing-His-Voice-From-A-Cold Andrew is joined this week by Courtenay from Pop Culture Footnotes to talk A Wrinkle In Time. Why does Andrew recommend this movie but drags on it a lot? Find out! Also, we get into news about Jon Favreau writing the live-action Star Wars series and the Ready Player One posters. Hoo boy, nostalgia is really a thing, isn’t it? Plus talk about Mary Poppins Returns, Christopher Robin, and plenty of hate on Daylight Savings Time.

Beware spoilers for A Wrinkle in Time at 39:00.

Join us below:

Twitter: @poppopculturepd

Facebook: @poppopculture

Gmail: poppopculturepod@gmail.com

Find Courtenay at popculture-footnotes.com and on Twitter @pcfootnotes

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