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Episode 35-Black Panther Review!

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Black Panther is out! Is it good? Yes, it is. How good? Well we’re not giving that away for free (I guess technically we are since you don’t pay for this podcast, but you have to spend some time listening to us so it’s not totally free). Join Andrew and Courtenay from the Pop Culture Footnotes Podcast as they discuss their thoughts on it. Does Andrew have a new favorite villain? What happened to Andy Serkis’s Klauw? Does the Iron Man suit work for paralyzed people? Find out the answers here at Pop Pop Culture!

Beware spoilers starting 36:05.

This week Andrew will be watching Assassin’s Creed and live tweeting it! Join us here Monday at 9 PM Mountain time to experience all the glory* and majesty** that is this video game movie.



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