Pop Culture Podcast

Episode 25-Ultimate Christmas Movie Showdown!

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Ever wondered what the ultimate Christmas movie is? Well strap yourself in, because we at the Pop Pop Culture Podcast are about to answer that question! Join Andrew, Scott, Courtenay from Pop Culture Footnotes and Andrew’s mom Lenore as they battle it out over which movie reigns supreme! Scott talks about why it’s ok to hate the people in Christmas Vacation, but not Home Alone. Courtenay takes down a beloved classic’s premise. Lenore puts Miracle on 34th Street in its place. Who made the best argument? You tell us what you thought!

Andrew is finishing out his rewatch and live-tweeting of the Star Wars Saga! Join him on Monday for Return of the Jedi, and Wednesday for The Force Awakens. Then tune in next week for PPC’s analysis of The Last Jedi!

Join us below:

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Pop Culture Footnotes:


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