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Episode 24-Infinity War and Disney Remake

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Wild speculation! Remake Games! Scottish Taylor Swift? You betcha. This week Andrew is joined by Cameron from Southampton Productions and Corinne from Soli Assist to discuss the Avengers: Infinity War trailer. What could happen? Will Hawkeye be ok (probably not)? Are any Avengers going to make it out alive?

Also, we play Remake with a Disney twist. What fairy/folk tales could get the Disney treatment with some current artists? Does LL Cool J still count as a current artist? We say yes. Let us know who you think had the best movie pitches!

Join Andrew on Twitter as he live tweets his rewatch of the Star Wars Saga! Monday night is Episode V: The Empire Strikes Three and Thursday night is Episode VI: Return of All Those Jedi, Even the Child Murderers I Guess.

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