Pop Culture Podcast

Episode 4-D23, Muppets, and Dystopias!

Join Andrew and Scott as they discuss news from Disney convention D23, Muppets news, and Emmy nominations. Plus, a discussion of Dystopian movies, and a fun dystopian game! Big shout out to Preston Judd for composing our theme! Follow us below:

Twitter: @poppopculturepd

Facebook: @poppopculture

Gmail: poppopculturepod@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Episode 4-D23, Muppets, and Dystopias!

  1. I’ve been enjoying these!

    You’re right, Crown was not that great. #unpopularopinion To be fair, I only watched the first episode and a half.

    Guess I’m gonna have to watch Children of Men.

    I SERIOUSLY wish Almost Human had gotten more traction. I liked the concept.


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